2020 Cruise Speakers/Workshops

Live Plan With Me!


 You know her, you love her and she's cruising with us …. we are super excited that the one and only Tabitha Stolp of No White Space Stickers will be hosting a LIVE Plan With Me Session during our Midnight Madness Plannerland in Paradise Party on Sunday night! Tabitha's energy is infectious and we will have tons of fun planning along with her. We'll add in some games & prizes for a fabulous time together! Bring your planner and get ready to wrap up your time on the cruise with all your new Planner Besties.

Planning After Dark!


 When you think Midnight Madness, ONE NAME should come to your mind above all others ….. Lameka Alston! We can not think of anyone better to host a Late Night session than the Queen of Uncensored Shenanigans herself. Stay around after the Live PWM for true "Planning After Dark"! 

This is Lameka unfiltered in a no holds barred session. Come hang out where (almost) anything goes! 

Lettering with Lhey!


 Bright colors, cheerful characters, beautifully curated planner boxes, gorgeous lettering and more are what come to mind when you think of Lhey of Mommy Lhey!
We’re so excited for her to set sail with us and show us how to create that gorgeous lettering we all wish we had!
So grab those brush pens, markers, pencils, or your favorite writing tool and get ready to Letter with Lhey! 

Amy Tangerine!


 We are so excited to announce that Amy Tangerine will be coming to her FIRST Plannerland Brand event to set sail with us in March 2020! Amy will join us on board the first ever Planner Event at Sea to lead us in an amazing workshop to energize all our creativity. We will get hands on in this creative session in person with Amy. 

Coming Soon

Coming Soon